fujii+fushikino (フジイフシキノ)




“fujii + fushikino” is the name used for the collaboration between Ms. Ryoko Fujii, a textile creator, and Ms. Kaori Fushikino, a clothing creator.  The same affection for the fabric “muslin” drew the two together and they have been making muslin clothes together since 2008.

The makers, the users and the people involved.

By having numerous conversations with a variety of people, we would like to create not only products but also opportunities where their thoughts can be nurtured.



We create our products in the hope that they will be imaginative ones existing in your life as if to stare at paintings.  The best-suited colors vary among individuals, occasions and lifestyles. I hope our products in various colors can be something special for someone for some occasion. (By Fujii)



I try to make the best use of the characteristics of textiles. I think that colors, shapes, comfort of clothes bring about various effects along life. I hope we will be able to create the most favorite one for the user whether it is for everyday use or for a special occasion. (By Fushikino)